Brivis Service Auckland

We Provide Brivis Service in Auckland to Help You Heat Your Home

It is essential to have an authorized technician complete your regular Brivis service in Auckland to maintain your product warranty and keep your unit running efficiently. An efficient unit will keep your home warm and save you money on large-scale repairs or early replacement.

The Benefits of Gas Appliance Specialists

Working with an authorized Rinnai and Brivis service centre means working with a knowledgeable company that you can trust with a track record built on experience and extensive product understanding. Here are just a few reasons to choose our team:

  • We have the knowledge and support to complete all Brivis repairs. Our technicians are trained and supported by the manufacturer. We focus on Rinnai and Brivis products only, so we can provide you with the excellent customer service that stems from true product knowledge.
  • At Gas Appliance Specialists, we have been working with Rinnai and Brivis products for more than twenty years. We thoroughly understand the company and its products. All our technicians are fully licensed and will provide you with a Certificate of Compliance or Gas Safety Certificate once the job is complete as required by law.
  • We are a local company that has been serving Central Auckland, North Shore, and West Auckland since 2005. Our CEO, Nick Ray, has put in more than thirty years of work in the gas industry, including experience working directly for both Brivis and Rinnai.

The Importance of Brivis Ducted Heating Repairs

Completing repairs immediately is critical for efficiency and safety. Fast repairs and regular maintenance also contribute to:

  • Warranty maintenance – Your owner’s manual includes detailed information on how to properly care for and maintain your Brivis product. You must complete regular maintenance and cleaning per the schedule to maintain the product warranty. If your unit requires repair while under warranty, we can deal directly with the manufacturer, saving you time and hassle.
  • Longevity – Quickly repairing your unit will allow it to continue to work properly. Smooth functioning contributes to the longevity of your unit and helps you to avoid early replacement. Following the maintenance schedule and cleaning guidelines in your owner’s manual will also help the unit last as long as possible—after all, that’s what the warranty aims to accomplish in the first place.
  • Wise investments – We all understand that the harder something must work, the more frequently it will break down or the sooner it will need to be replaced. Dust and debris build up in your home’s duct work, making your unit work harder to deliver warmth to your home because it has to push air through and around the debris. Regular cleaning will keep the ducts clear and allow your unit to work as efficiently as possible, reducing your cost for both gas and repairs.
Why Trust Gas Appliance Specialists Regarding Brivis Service?

We have been working with Rinnai and Brivis products for more than twenty years, serving Auckland since 2005. By focusing on Rinnai and Brivis products, our gas appliance technicians can provide you with knowledgeable, reliable service.

Contact us to for all your Brivis repairs and maintenance.