Frequently Asked Questions - Brivis

Brivis Central Heating Systems:

How often should I service my Brivis central heating?

Brivis recommends servicing your central heating every two years.

How long will my Brivis central heating service take?

A service of the Brivis heater itself takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes. A full system service, which includes servicing the heater, a ducting inspection, and vacuuming of the outlets, takes approximately 90 to 120 minutes. Full system servicing is only done outside of the busy winter months.

What’s involved in a Brivis central heating service?

During our spring/summer service program we do a full system service, which includes servicing the unit, a ducting inspection, and vacuuming of the outlets. Outside the offer period we service the heater and check the return air (only).

Do you charge a per 15 minute rate on top of the call out labour fee?

For regular servicing and our spring/summer service program we charge a flat rate regardless of the time we are on site. For all repairs we charge a ‘house call charge’, which includes travel to site, vehicle costs and the first half hour of labour. After the first half hour, time is charged at 15 minute intervals.

Do you carry parts to repair the heater on the same day

Gas Appliance Specialists is an authorised Brivis service centre. All our vehicles are fitted out with the complete range of parts and we are able to fix on the same day, in most cases.

What area do you service?

We cover Central Auckland, North Shore, East Auckland and West Auckland.

Do you replace existing heaters?

Yes, we can provide a quote to replace your existing Brivis central heating.

Do you do new installations?

No, we concentrate on the maintenance of the two brands we support.

Is your company able to recommend an installation company?

Yes, please call our office if you need a referral.

Does your company work after hours or weekends?

We only offer an after-hours emergency service to our existing commercial customers, which does come with an after-hours call out fee.

Brivis Error Codes

We also receive calls for a number of common Brivis heating error codes:

  • Errors 30, 60 & 65 are fan related
  • Errors 50, 55, 56 & 71 are gas related
  • Errors 35, 40, 41 & 42 are overheating related

If you are experiencing any of these issues or any others that are not listed, then call us right away. The sooner we can diagnose the problem the sooner we can fix it, and the less long-term damage it will cause.