Frequently Asked Questions - Escea

Escea gas fireplaces:

How often should I service my Escea gas fireplace?

Escea recommends servicing your gas fireplace every two years.

How long will my Escea fire service take?

A service of an Escea gas fireplace takes approximately 45-60 minutes, depending on the model.

What’s involved in a service?

During our spring/summer service program we offer fixed price servicing, which includes complete strip down, thorough cleaning, adjustments, re-commissioning and testing of the appliance. We also issue a gas safety certificate.

Do you charge a per 15 minute rate on top of the call out fee?

For regular servicing during our spring/summer service program we charge a flat rate regardless of the time we are on site.

For all other appointments we charge a ‘house call charge’, which includes travel to site, vehicle costs and the first half hour of labour. After the first half hour, time is charged at 15 minute intervals.

What area do you service?

We cover Auckland Central, CBD, North Shore, East Auckland and West Auckland.