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About Brivis

Brivis is the market leader and has been designing and manufacturing climate systems in Australia for 50 years. Their manufacturing operation in Victoria employs hundreds of Australians whose work is world class. Each Brivis system is made to withstand the extremes of the New Zealand climate, design and manufacture is accredited to ISO9002. That’s why Brivis products have guarantees up to 10 years. It’s no wonder they have won so many awards.

We, and the manufacturer, recommend that you have your Brivis central heating system serviced every two years. Gas appliances should be serviced regularly. This is for reasons of safety and running efficiency. Regular servicing also reduces the risk of breakdowns, which can be particularly inconvenient for you if this occurs over our busy winter season.

Also, over time, your ducting can become damaged by tradespeople, cats and general wear and tear, leaving the system less efficient and more costly to run.

We specialise in the service, repair, installation and replacement of Rinnai Brivis ducted central heating systems.

During spring and summer we offer a full system service at a fixed cost. This includes servicing the unit, a ducting inspection, and vacuuming the outlets. We can also give advice on repairs, improvements or even replacement.

A full Brivis system service Includes: – 

    • Complete strip down of the heater
    • Cleaning of both fans
    • Cleaning of the burners and combustion chamber
    • Adjustment of the ignition and flame rods
    • Reassembling and re-commissioning the unit
    • Adjusting the gas valve
    • Visual inspection of the ducting
    • Vacuuming of the outlets
    • Testing the operation of the appliance; and
    • Adjusting the programming, if requested

Any replacement of parts and issuing a gas safety certificate would be additional costs.

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