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Rinnai Gas Heater Service Auckland

Rinnai Gas Heater Service in Auckland is Essential for Reliability

We offer Rinnai gas heater servicing in Auckland to ensure you have a reliable and efficient water heater. It is critical that you trust your service professionals, and you receive the best value for your water heater.

The Importance of Rinnai Heater Service

At Gas Appliance Specialists, we understand the importance of a reliable water heating systems, and this starts with properly servicing your unit.

  • Regular maintenance of your gas water heater will ensure it is running safely. Keep the area around the gas water heater clear of flammable materials to avoid fires and allow for easy access to the unit.
  • Keep your water heater running efficiently with regular maintenance. When a gas water heater is working correctly, it uses less power than an electric water heater and wastes less water. Rinnai gas heaters use innovative technology to deliver hot water faster, which means less wasted water.
  • Use a professional, authorised Rinnai service centre for your Rinnai gas heater service. An authorised service centre is a company you can trust to maintain and repair your water heater properly. Our gas appliance technicians are trained by Rinnai and carry a range of parts on our trucks that allow us to complete repairs on the same day.

#### Tips for Getting More Value Out of the Rinnai Gas Water Heater Service

We all want to reduce costs when using appliances in our homes. When choosing and installing a gas water heater, consider the following:

  • Size – Choose the right size for your home and usage. Consider the number of bathrooms in the home, and type of shower head. Does your home have a large bath or spa, and how frequently are they used? Also consider other areas that use hot water such as the kitchen, or laundry room. All these things will impact the size of water heater required for your home.
  • Installation – Have a professional install your gas water heater to maintain the warranty, and help you choose the right location. The warranty will save you time and money if anything breaks during the warranty period. Your water heater should be placed in a location that allows it to run efficiently. The further the heater is from the hot water taps, the harder it needs to work to deliver water.

About Gas Appliance Specialists

We have been serving Auckland since 2005. All our gas appliance technicians are licensed and have been trained by the manufactures. Our mobile team can fix most issues the same day with the range of genuine parts they carry in our trucks.

Contact us for your Rinnai and Brivis repair and maintenance needs.