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How to Find Dependable Brivis Gas Ducted Heating Servicing in Auckland

In New Zealand and Australia, Brivis gas ducted heating systems are the gold standard for home heating. For 50 years, Brivis has been designing and innovating effective, long-lasting systems. Since Brivis systems are specifically built for the winter conditions of Australia and New Zealand, they are a go-to home heating option for many families and builders in this part of the world.

The Importance of Ducted Heating Repair and Servicing

While Brivis gas ducted heating systems are built to stand the test of time, they can’t do it alone. Any home heating system needs to be serviced regularly to continue operating in tip-top shape. At Gas Appliance Specialists, we are proud to offer ducted heating repair and servicing with a focus on the well-respected Brivis brand. Here are a few reasons why the servicing that we provide is so important.

  • Regular servicing is an industry expectation: The refrain in the industry is that gas appliances should be serviced thoroughly at least every two years. Companies including Brivis manufacture their systems with the expectation that homeowners will have them serviced on a semi-regular basis.
  • Servicing will improve performance and efficiency: Over time, ducted heating systems accumulate dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris on their fans, in their ducts, and even on burners. Wear and tear can also set in, causing parts to break down. By cleaning the system, repairing or replacing broken components, and performing other services, Gas Appliance Specialists can improve the performance and energy efficiency of your unit.
  • Servicing will extend longevity: Replacing a full ducted heating system is not cheap. Servicing your existing Brivis system every two years will extend its lifespan and help you to put off the date of that replacement.

What Sets Gas Appliance Specialists Apart Regarding Brivis Gas Ducted Heating Service?

If you need help with your Brivis ducted heating in Auckland, trust Gas Appliance Specialists to support you. Here are a few of the factors that set us apart in our niche.

  • Our experience: We have been operating since 2005 with a consistent focus on gas appliances. Our experience and knowledge are vast, and they enable us to deliver smart, nuanced services to our customers.
  • Our focus on Brivis: We are an authorised Brivis service centre–the leading one in Auckland. If you need a Brivis ducted heating repair in Auckland, we are your strongest point of contact.
  • Our thorough servicing: Our technicians are extremely thorough when servicing Brivis ducted heating in Auckland. From the fans to the burner to the ducts to the outlets, we will inspect, clean, test, and program the system however necessary to get your household running smoothly again. Click here for our full servicing checklist.

Why Customers Should Use Gas Appliance Specialists

If your home has a Brivis gas ducted heating, then you need a business you can call on that will help you keep your equipment in good working condition. At Gas Appliance Specialists, we have the authorisation, experience, product knowledge, and attention to detail to help you maintain your system for years to come. Contact us today to schedule your service.