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Brivis Heater Repair

Trust Your Brivis Heater Repair to an Experienced Technician

At Gas Appliance Specialists, we understand that your Brivis heater repair is critical. Our technicians carry a range of genuine spare parts that allow them to fix most issues on the-same day.

Benefits of Brivis Heater Service

You can avoid costly repairs and early replacement of your Brivis gas heater by performing regular maintenance. The benefits of maintaining your Brivis gas heater include:

  • Efficiency – Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to maintain an efficient unit. Dust and debris build up in your central heating system. This build-up reduces your unit’s efficiency by forcing it to work harder to push air to all areas of your home. By cleaning the system, you increase your unit’s efficiency and reduce the frequency of repairs.
  • Save costs – Our team and the manufacturer recommend completing regular maintenance every two years. Performing regular maintenance and cleaning will reduce the chances of a breakdown. This service also helps your unit to last longer, avoiding early replacement.
  • Maintain warranty – To maintain your Brivis warranty, you must complete regular servicing by authorised technician. This requirement includes cleaning the system, replacement of the return air filter, replacing any expired batteries (if applicable), and checking and cleaning the condensate drain to keep it clear of obstructions. For additional warranty requirements, refer to your owner’s manual and schedule maintenance with your gas appliance technician.

What Sets Gas Appliance Specialists Apart Regarding Gas Heater Repair in Auckland?

It is critical that you work with an authorized Brivis service centre, as they know and understand the products and are best able to maintain a safe and efficient unit.

  • We are an authorized Brivis service centre with over twenty years working with the product. As an authorized centre we can deal with any warranty claims directly with the manufacturer. Saving you time and effort.
  • Our company exclusively focuses on Rinnai and Brivis products. We receive training and support directly from the manufacturer and have direct access to all spare parts. Our technicians know the products and how best to maintain an efficient and safe unit. All our technicians are fully-licensed gas appliance technicians that you can trust.
  • Your experience is important to us. We will arrive on time and provide friendly and courteous service. We can complete most repairs same-day as we carry a wide range of parts in our trucks. Your Brivis heater maintenance will take approximately 60 to 90 minutes and a full system service that we can complete in the off-season (including heater service, ducting inspection, and vacuuming outlets) will take approximately 90 to 120 minutes.
As an authorized Brivis service centre, we focus on the customer experience, providing knowledgeable and courteous technicians. We understand the product and can deal with warranty claims directly with the manufacturer for your convenience.

Why Trust Gas Appliance Specialists Regarding Gas Heater Repairs in Auckland?

We have been serving Central Auckland, North Shore, and West Auckland since 2005. We focus on Rinnai and Brivis products so that we can provide you with a superior customer experience when you’re facing a need for urgent repairs or maintenance.

Contact us to schedule your regular maintenance appointment.