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Rinnai Gas Fire Service

Rinnai Gas Fire Service is Essential for Long Term Use

There’s nothing quite the same as enjoying the cosy comfort of a fire — which is why homeowners should regularly seek out assistance in providing their Rinnai gas fire with the service necessary for long-term reliability. Keeping your equipment in good working order requires professional assistance. With Gas Appliance Specialists on your side, you’ll find it’s quick and easy to make the necessary arrangements.

What You Can Expect from Gas Appliance Specialists’ Rinnai Gas Fire Service

Wondering why you should opt for our service? It only takes a quick look at our points of difference to see the answer. Here’s what you can expect when you choose our team:

  • Prompt, reliable service carried out by highly trained and experienced technicians. In all, we have more than fifty years (collectively) of hands-on experience providing services for gas appliances of all kinds. We’ve seen it all — if we can’t fix it, no one can. With that said, we’re almost always able to provide a fix.
  • Manufacturer-trained and authorised, so you know that you’re receiving a high standard of service that not only helps to protect your warranty, but which follows the precise procedures the manufacturer would.
  • Reliable, long-lasting service and repairs. We don’t diversify — we’re appliance technicians through and through, and that means we have the time and skills to devote solely to addressing your requirements. Our attention is not divided between many areas, but instead, it’s focused on your satisfaction and safety.

The Importance of Caring for Your Rinnai Gas Fires in Auckland

Why not just keep using your gas fire as often as you like? There are reasons maintenance is so important. Take a moment to consider them:

  • Improve efficiency and keep your energy costs down by helping to reduce the amount of fuel your gas fires require to operate. Over time, gas appliances can begin to lose some of their initial efficiency due to wear and tear, dirty components and more. A regular service helps to ensure that everything is in good working order and operating as efficiently as possible.M
  • Keeps your home a safe place to live. While natural gas and LPG burn relatively cleanly compared to some other fuel sources, any combustion results in the creation of carbon monoxide. Regular servicing ensures everything remains within acceptable parameters and that there is no unseen danger.
  • Keep your hardware functioning reliably for years to come. Regular servicing not only improves efficiency and keeps you safer, but it’s good for the equipment, too. We carry genuine spare parts to every service visit, so replacing worn out components for a longer-lasting unit is quick and easy.

About Gas Appliance Specialists

Founded in 2005, Gas Appliance Specialists has spent the last decade and a half honing and refining our experience, while also gaining important factory certifications. Today, our mobile service vehicles come fully equipped with authorised spare parts and all the tools necessary to work on the many gas appliances you may have in your home. Dedicated to safety and reliability, we provide every client with a high standard of work. To request an estimate for your needs, use our contact form now.